20 Delightful Illustrations That Detail the History of Well-Known Animal Images (20 new pics)

On Instagram, fans of animals and history equally adore Divyansh Sikka’s endearing illustrations. His artwork, in addition to being beautiful, recounts the stories behind well-known animal representations, providing a unique perspective on the evolution of our relationship with animals. He rose to prominence with his “That Doodle Guy” webcomic series. His works are a continuous reminder of the incredible diversity and majesty of animals. His works increase our respect and admiration for these creatures by highlighting the complicated history and culture we share with them. He has 46,400 Instagram fans.

His Instagram profile is stuffed with detailed drawings of animals, including lions and elephants, each with an engrossing story. He illustrates how lions became associated with monarchies by drawing a lion with a crown on its head. He claims that many noble families throughout history have used lions in their crests and coats of arms to indicate their dominance.

Sikka’s artwork not only emphasizes the beauty of these creatures, but it also offers insight into prior encounters between humans and these creatures. Animals have been a part of human civilization since time immemorial, appearing in everything from ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs to medieval coats of arms. His drawings bring these tales to life in an amusing and approachable way. Each painting has a distinct and recognizable look due to the intricate patterns and designs used in it. He frequently takes inspiration from historical images, but he adds his own distinct twist to each work, making it feel both timeless and modern. Explore some of his most recent drawings.

You can also read some of his previous posts on boredcomics by clicking here.

Credit: That_doodleguy

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