These 20 Weird Comics By Ryan Hudson Can Make You Laugh Out Loud

Today, let’s dive into the vibrant world of Ryan Hudson, the creative maestro behind the @Ryankhudson Instagram handle. No, we’re not just talking about a regular artist with a following; we’re stepping into a realm where humor, relatability, and whimsical artistry collide!

If you’re one of Ryan’s 274,000 followers, you’re in for a treat. His Instagram feed isn’t just a collection of 1,456 posts; it’s a visual rollercoaster showcasing a kaleidoscope of creativity. From comics that tickle your funny bone to illustrations that speak volumes, Ryan’s artistic journey spans an array of styles and themes.

Ryan started out way back in 2011 under the moniker “Channelate.” But it wasn’t until 2015, when he transformed into @Ryankhudson, that things really took off. His focus shifted to longer-form comics, crafting witty, relatable content that became a beacon of joy for his followers. What’s his secret sauce, you ask? Well, he’s got this incredible knack for turning everyday moments into hilarious illustrations that resonate with us all.

Credit: Ryan Hudson

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#1. Calculating


#2. Suicide

#3. Strong Feminist


#4. Ghost Dad

#5. Blood Test


But here’s the thing that makes Ryan’s art so darn special—it’s his style. His characters aren’t just drawings; they’re bundles of exaggerated expressions and features that add a delightful dash of whimsy to his work. And guess what? Despite the simplicity, his art weaves intricate emotions and narratives that strike a chord with thousands, evident from the flood of likes and comments that pour in with every post.

#6. Besties

#7. Genie


#8. The Next Level

#9. Scared Magician


#10. Awake

Now, let’s talk! How does Ryan conjure up these whimsical worlds? Well, it’s a blend of magic and relatability. His ideas sprout from the everyday—those mundane yet strangely amusing moments we all encounter. You know, the quirky conversations, the hilarious mishaps, the subtle nuances of human interactions—they’re all fertile grounds for his creativity. Ryan molds these moments into relatable, chuckle-inducing comics that seem like they’re plucked straight from our lives.

#11. Tub of Ice-Cream


#12. Science

#13. Time Machine


#14. Culprit

#15. So Amazing


#16. So Close

Oh, and there’s more! Ryan’s not just an artist behind a screen; he’s a pal to his followers. He lets us peek behind the curtain, sharing snippets of his personal life and giving us a backstage pass to his creative process and daily adventures. He’s a maestro of relatability, spinning everyday anecdotes into art that tickles our funny bones and tugs at our heartstrings. He’s not just creating comics; he’s crafting connections and building a community that finds solace and joy in his delightful creations.

#17. Deserted


#18. Shades

#19. Toast


#20. Do It

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