20 Times This Artist Show Adventures and Her Daily Life in Dark Comics

Comics about the daily adventures of an artist’s life can be incredibly amusing because they often blend relatable experiences with creative and humorous storytelling. They offer insights into the artist’s world, capturing the struggles, triumphs, and quirks that many people can empathize with. Through witty dialogue, charming illustrations, and sometimes exaggerated situations, these comics can entertain and resonate with readers, whether they are artists themselves or just appreciators of the creative process.

Electric Bunny Comics is a comedy webcomic created by an artist known as Dingo. The comic follows the adventures and daily lives of Dingo, the artist herself, and Felix, her boyfriend. The humor in Electric Bunny Comics is often vulgar, violent, and dark, which contrasts with its simple and cute artwork. The comic features not only strips focusing on the main characters but also one-time gag comics covering various topics such as DND and anime. She has 14,000 Facebook followers.

The comics typically follow the life of Dingo herself as she navigates the world of adulthood. She often deals with relatable topics such as relationships, work, and self-doubt. It incorporates elements of nerd culture, weird jokes, and occasional bouts of comedic sociopathy. Most of the humor in the comic falls under the category of black comedy, often mixed with toilet humor. Electric Bunny Comics can be found on its official website, where new comics are released every Thursday. If you’re looking for a funny and irreverent webcomic, then Electric Bunny Comics is definitely worth checking out.

Credit: Electric Bunny Comics

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#1. Dilemma


#2. Death mountain

#3. Need sleep


#4. Muscly Mussels

#5. Fire Fighter


#6. Halloween children

#7. A child inside


#8. A dog person

#9. Worms


#10. Sailor Pluto

#11. Healthier pizza


#12. RIP

#13. Chatty limbs


#14. Sandman

#15. Doomfist


#16. Birthday

#17. Pissed piper


#18. Birthday fun

#19. The big question


#20. Belle vs toilet

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