20 Dogs on the 4th Comics Full of Dark Humor Will Tickle Your Funny Bone

Elliott Fairweather, an Instagram artist whose captivating webcomic series, “Dogs on the 4th,” has taken the comic realm by storm, But what sets his work apart isn’t just its popularity—it’s the eerie and unexpected twists that keep readers hooked and hanging on the edge of their seats.

Elliott’s journey into the realm of art started early. Picture a young artist, lost in a world of sketches and colors, spending hours perfecting his craft. His passion for art only grew as he delved deeper into the world of creativity. After attending art school and fine-tuning his skills, he ventured into freelance illustrating for various magazines. Yet, it was his leap into the universe of webcomics that truly defined his artistic prowess.

“Dogs on the 4th” isn’t your typical comic series. It’s a visual narrative that boldly explores themes of mortality, loneliness, and betrayal, embracing a graphic nature that sets it apart. What really captures the eye is Elliott’s unique style—the use of color and composition creates an eerie atmosphere that draws readers into his world, leaving them hungry for more.

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#1. Consider it Done


#2. Throwing Shade

#3. Devil’s Coupon


#4. I Can’t Believe

#5. Always Watching


His inspiration for the series stems from personal encounters with loss and grief. Through his comics, he bravely navigates the darker side of life, crafting thought-provoking tales that resonate with many. It’s not just about storytelling; it’s a cathartic journey for both the creator and the audience.

#6. Unpleasant Surprise

#7. Mixed Messages


#8. Placing Blame

#9. At First Glance


#10. Better Than Nothing

But how does Elliott weave these dark and twisted tales? The genesis of his comics lies in the deep recesses of his mind. Ideas spark from the most unexpected corners—perhaps a fleeting thought or an intriguing scenario. It’s a journey into the unknown, where imagination meets emotion, and the result is a narrative that keeps readers riveted.

#11. Test Drive


#12. Focus

#13. Take That, Crime!


#14. Asked For It

#15. The Next Big Thing


#16. It’s The Weather, Man

Elliott Fairweather isn’t just an artist—he’s a trailblazer in the comics industry. His work has left an indelible mark, amassing a following of over 54,500 on Instagram. His unconventional approach and candid exploration of life’s shadows have made him a beacon in a world of storytelling. Take a moment to delve into the world of “Dogs on the 4th,” where the unexpected becomes the norm and Elliott Fairweather’s artistic genius awaits, ready to transport you to a realm where art and emotion intertwine in the most captivating way.

#17. Work Here is Done


#18. Career Path

#19. Keeping Focused


#20. Worse Than His Bite

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