20 Buddy Gator Comics Shows an Alligator with a Heart of Gold (20 New Pics)

What’s Chow’s secret sauce? Moral lessons are woven into his comics. He’s built a massive community, with 1.2 million (and counting!) followers on Instagram over at Buddy Gator Comics. Each update brings a fresh dose of heartwarming tales featuring our main man, Buddy Gator, showing us that even the scariest of beings can radiate warmth and kindness.

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#1. Christmas is Coming


#2. Traffic Light

#3. Hair Cut


#4. Bench

#5. Sun Bath


We’ve snagged some of his viral comics that have captured the hearts of fans worldwide. Get ready to chuckle, “aww,” and maybe even shed a tear as we explore the tender side of these comics. Scroll down and get ready to feel the love oozing from these panels. Chow’s comics aren’t just about art; they’re a testament to the power of seeing beyond appearances and embracing the goodness within. So buckle up for a rollercoaster ride of emotions as we witness how a’scary’ alligator transforms into a beacon of love and friendship.

#6. House

#7. To The Beach


#8. Power Bank

#9. Rescue


#10. We Found it


Chow Hon Lam’s artistic talent shines through these comics, not just in the visuals but also in the powerful messages they convey. Despite being an alligator—a creature often portrayed as scary—Buddy Gator breaks stereotypes. He teaches us that appearances can be deceiving and that anyone, no matter how different they seem, can be a true friend.

#11. Beautiful Portrait


#12. Grow Up Together


#13. Running Together


#14. No Battery, No Problem

#15. Mini Party


These comics have gained immense popularity, amassing a huge following on Chow’s Instagram account, “Buddy Gator Comics.” Fans eagerly await each new post, ready to be uplifted by Buddy Gator’s adventures and the heartwarming lessons they impart.

#16. Cinema

#17. Happy Birthday!

#18. Surfing

#19. Safety Belt

#20. Find The Missing Key

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