20 Times Cartoonist Ellen Woodbury Portrays Everyday Situations in Relatable Comics

We all experience the same everyday situations, from awkward social interactions to frustrating technical glitches. Comics that capture these moments in a humorous way make us feel seen and understood. We can laugh at ourselves and others in these situations, which can be a great stress reliever. Comics about everyday situations are a popular form of entertainment because they tap into our shared understanding of the world and our ability to find humor in everyday situations.

Ellen Woodbury is an artist and illustrator who created the webcomic Pizza Cake Comic. The comic depicts Ellen and her family’s daily lives, as well as her thoughts and observations on the world around her. Pizza Cake Comic is well-known for its wit, relatability, and heartfelt moments. If you enjoy webcomics, parenting comics, or simply gorgeous and heartwarming art, you’ve come to the right place since we’ve selected her top 20 illustrations in the following area. If you would like to watch them, scroll down to the section below.

Credit: Pizza Cake Comic

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#1. Happy Birthday


#2. Sleeping Lately

#3. Childhood


#4. My mom’s dream world

#5. Christmas


#6. No Touchy

Since its launch in 2021, Woodbury’s Pizza Cake Comic has grown to become a well-liked website for those who enjoy everyday humor, parenting cartoons, and webcomics. With 35,400 fans, she presently has a sizable following that is still expanding. Her fans find her comics always funny. Woodbury is a gifted storyteller and artist who is enthusiastic about producing inclusive and uplifting content. Her art serves as a reminder that, despite adversity, beauty and wonder can still be found in the world around us.

#7. Ridiculous Coat


#8. Stop the madness

#9. Complex Process


#10. Got Beaten

#11. Highest Number


#12. Art Tools

#13. Do I tell her?


The combination of images and words in her comics is a powerful way to tell a story. The art style can play a big role in the humor of the comic, and skilled cartoonists can use visual cues to add to the jokes. Her comics often surprise us with unexpected punchlines or twists on familiar situations. This can keep fans engaged and coming back for more. That’s why he has a true audience on her Instagram account. We are sure that you will also enjoy her comics.

#14. New Car

#15. Work Never Ends


#16. Real House Cats

#17. Just a bit tired


#18. What is happening?

#19. Eat the food


#20. Personal

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