20 The Square Comics Deal with Ordinary Circumstances and Observations

The Square Comics is an Instagram account that features webcomics that are both amusing and relatable. Over 605,000 people follow the account, which has posted over 2,555 comics. The strips are typically four panels long and deal with ordinary circumstances and observations. Alvin Juano, a 24-year-old comic artist from Jakarta, Indonesia, developed the series of comic strips. The comics are recognized for their dark humor, which frequently starts with a cheer. Alvin Juano founded The Square Comics in 2014 to help him cope with a difficult time in his life.

The comics deal with things that everyone can relate to, such as work, relationships, and pop culture. His comics are well-written and have a great sense of humor. The comics are drawn in a clean and simple style that is easy to look at. He says that he makes comics about such circumstances and obeservations in order to ensure that people are not alone in their struggles.

Credit: The Square Comics

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#1. Merry Christmas!


#2. Horrible

#3. Break


#4. Purpose

#5. Eggs


Characters in his comics are frequently faced with terrible situations such as anxiety, sadness, and loneliness. However, Juano always finds a way to make things hilarious, and his comics frequently leave viewers feeling hopeful and motivated. We’ve selected a few comics that show how The Square Comics deals with everyday situations and insights. The comics are popular because they reflect the humor and discomfort of everyday life in a way that everyone can understand.

#6. Wish

#7. Multi Task


#8. Better

#9. Treat


#10. Last One Standing

#11. Co-Exist


In a world that can feel overwhelming and unfair at times, it’s crucial to find humor in the mundane. That’s where comics based on everyday events and observations come in. For this, there is no better option than The Square Comics, because he perfectly captures these situations to entertain us. These entertaining and realistic comics take the commonplace and make it laugh out loud. But there’s more to these cartoons than just the humor. They assist us in dealing with life’s challenges in a healing and informative manner.

#12. Not Well

#13. Evolution


#14. Perfect

#15. Dog is scary


#16. New Home

#17. Luxury Candle


#18. Unpacking

#19. Long Time


#20. So Cute

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