20 Funny One-Panel Comics By “Speedbump” That Might Make You Laugh

Speed Bump” emerges as a delightful pitstop, offering a comedic breather in the midst of life’s frenetic pace. Created by the talented Dave Coverly, “Speed Bump Comics” has become a cherished destination for humor enthusiasts across various social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

On Instagram, “Speed Bump Comics” takes its place as a go-to source for quick, witty chuckles. Dave Coverly’s artistic finesse is evident in the bite-sized, clever observations that depict the humorous side of everyday situations. The platform serves as a virtual intersection where followers can pause, laugh, and appreciate the amusing detours that characterize Coverly’s unique brand of humor.

Dave Coverly’s journey as a cartoonist is marked by a knack for finding humor in the ordinary. Inspired by his love for wordplay and a keen eye for the quirks of daily life, Coverly weaves a charming tapestry that resonates with the universal aspects of humor. “Speed Bump Comics” is a testament to his ability to turn the mundane into the extraordinary and transform the daily grind into an endless source of amusement.

Credit Dave Coverly

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#1 I hope that in my next life that I’m rich instead of good-looking.


#2 it’s in its blue period

#3 dogapult!


#4 Miniature library lady telling doofus to tone it down.

#5 Monach butterflies don’t get that old


#6 Then he would be using base 16, not base two.

#7 Whizzer of Id


#8 The universe has branches everywhere.

#9 They must have just finished “It’s a wonderful life.”


#10 juggletron

#11 I think it was part of Project Paperclip.



#13 Is there a frisbee in my future?


#14 Oh, WATER pity!

#15 he’s only intwested in your dog tweets


#16 Bummer

#17 “It’s not easy bein’ green…”


#18 Doc, I’ve been so unhappy since I had my appendix taken out.

#19 He’s worried about other’s pee-rceptions.


#20 Nuclear coffee?

#21 Yeah, there’s no way he could have got out of Paris alive.


#22 “Bluebird of Happiness”

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