20 Dark Comics Perfectly Captures Non-Living Objects and How They Could Talk

The Daily Dunc is a popular webcomic created by artist Dylan Duncan. The comic follows a fun format and features slightly inappropriate comics with funny and dark twists. Dylan is known on social media as ‘The Daily Dunc’ and has a significant following on Instagram, with over 49,300 followers. The Daily Dunc features quirky perspectives on non-living objects and what would happen if they could talk. While dark comics provide an avenue for creative expression.

Dylan imagined a real-life scenario where intimate objects had a will of their own and illustrated what it would be like if inanimate objects came to life and had the ability to voice out their thoughts. Dylan’s ideas for The Daily Dunc come from all angles. In the early days of creating them, he would most often do a one-panel illustration of childhood memory, such as a cartoon of him in soaking wet strips of cloth used to wrap him up for his mummy costume on Halloween on a very rainy night.

Or a drawing of his sister and him seeing what they both claimed was a caveman walking out of their bedroom closet. He would draw those on his lunch break when he started The Daily Dunc back in 2006 or so. By using these objects as vessels for social critique, the comics encourage readers to question the status quo and challenge conventional thinking. They invite us to see the world through a different lens, prompting reflection and sparking conversations about the complexities of our own existence. Embark on an adventure into the realm of dark comics, where inanimate objects spring to life, delighting readers with their clever and unforeseen dialogues.

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Credit: The Daily Dunc

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#1. Tire!


#2. Birds


#3. Honey!

#4. Pillow


#5. In this case, first is last

#6. Paint


#7. Seek and destroy


#8. Never again


#9. Pi for the win


#10. Burger


#11. Bump day

#12. Never


#13. Self help

#14. Stuffed


#15. Sides sideshow

#16. Let’s go

#17. What a week!

#18. How are you doing?

#19. Really!

#20. That looks bad

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