Here are 20 Interesting and Thought-Provoking Comics by “Lunar Baboon”

Lunar Baboon is an Instagram artist who has gained a massive following for his relatable and heartwarming comics. His work resonates with people around the world, tackling topics such as parenthood, mental health, and relationships. Lunar Baboon, whose real name is Chris Grady, has become a household name in the art world thanks to his unique style and honest storytelling. Born and raised in Canada, Grady began drawing at a young age, inspired by comic books and cartoons. 

Grady has three children, and his experiences as a dad are a frequent source of inspiration for his work. His comics about fatherhood are often poignant and heartfelt, capturing the love and sacrifice that come with being a parent. However, it wasn’t until he became a father that he started to take his art seriously. Grady began to document his experiences as a parent in comic form, and soon his work was being shared online. He started his Instagram account, Lunar Baboon, in 2014 and quickly gained a following of 646,000 fans for his touching and humorous comics.

One of the most striking things about Lunar Baboon’s art is its simplicity. Grady’s comics are typically black and white, with a few simple lines and minimal shading. However, this simplicity belies the depth of emotion and meaning in his work. Each comic is a small slice of life, capturing the joys and struggles of everyday existence. Many of his fans have found solace in Lunar Baboon’s comics, feeling seen and understood in their own struggles as parents. We have compiled his best 20 illustrations in the next section. You can also read some of his previous posts on boredcomics by clicking here.

Credit: Lunar Baboon

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#1. How to give feedback


#2. Used

#3. Forever


#4. Friend

#5. Deal


#6. Human

#7. Biscuits


#8. Alone

#9. Never


#10. Moving

#11. Reminder


#12. Spend

#13. Witch


#14. Messy

#15. Overwhelmed


#16. Waiting

#17. Snuggle


#18. Shadow

#19. Table


#20. SIP

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