Here are 20 Cute and Decent Relationship Comics by “Luvey x Dovey”

The majority of comic strip creators seem to find daily life to be a popular subject. It’s possible that this subject is simple to depict and that it will appeal to a wide audience. The everyday events that are the subject of many comics are depicted, but each artist interprets and describes them in their own unique manner. Others demonstrate small details about their sweet moments with their partner, etc., while some choose to illustrate the everyday struggles they face.

The daily struggles, affection, and cute moments of couples are primarily depicted in Luveyxdovey’s comics. Her comics have a distinctive appearance thanks to the use of pastel colors and straightforward lines in her basic yet expressive style. Her cartoons stand out because they are relatable. Anyone who has been in a relationship can see themselves in her comics and connect to the emotions and experiences that are depicted.

One of the reasons Luveyxdovey’s comics have become so popular is their positivity. While many relationship comics focus on the struggles and difficulties of being in a relationship, Luveyxdovey’s comics focus on the positive aspects of love. Her comics highlight the joy and happiness that can come from a healthy and loving relationship. This positivity has resonated with her 278,000 followers, who appreciate the uplifting message her comics convey. If you want to enjoy these cute comics, then take a cup of tea along with you and your partner and scroll down to the section below. Have a great day!

Credit: Luveyxdovey

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#1. Leg day


#2. Woof woof

#3. It’s an accident


#4. Merry Christmas!

#5. What a nice day!


#6. Night market entrance

#7. Pull me


#8. His leg hair is useful

#9. Just a sneeze!


#10. Left turn

#11. I wanna go out


#12. Oopss

#13. Workload for dinner


#14. Hugging you is enough

#15. I want muahh too!


#16. Let me sing

#17. Lunch time


#18. Sleeping together

#19. Cookies


#20. Many years later

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