25 Quirky Comics by Poorly Drawn Lines Full of Dark Twists and Unexpected Endings

Many talented artists now have a stage thanks to Instagram, where they can show off their creations and gain recognition for their originality. One such artist is Reza Farazmand, aka “Poorly Drawn Lines,” who has garnered a following of more than 2.2 million on Instagram. He is a comic book writer and illustrator who is renowned for his amusing and original artwork. His comics typically feature stick figures in black and white with plain backdrops.

However, it’s because of this simplicity that his characters stick out and express themselves, which endears them to his fans and makes them more relatable. The absurdity of life, societal commentary, and existentialism are common topics in Farazmand’s comics. His special talent for taking everyday scenarios and giving them a surreal twist produces comedy that is both relatable and unexpected. His work is renowned for its sharp humor that frequently provokes thought in the reader and leaves an impact that lasts long after the comic has been read.

Intentionally simple, with only rough sketches and basic details, is the work of Farazmand. His illustrations, however, are not at all shoddy; rather, they are created this way on purpose to heighten the humor and satire of his comics. His work is not only humorous, but it also addresses important topics like ecology, technology addiction, and mental health. It’s not always simple, but Farazmand can make political comments in his comics. But he never comes off as preachy; rather, he does it in a manner that is thoughtful and perceptive. If you want to see his comics, scroll down to the part below.

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Credit: Poorly Drawn Lines

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#1. My friend


#2. The best version

#3. Been real


#4. How you want

#5. Made mistakes


#6. That’s impressive

#7. Dirty bird


#8. Good stuff?

#9. Less sketchy and unreliable


#10. A good day

#11. Being kind to yourself


#12. They are prescription

#13. Overthink


#14. Can’t complain

#15. One small victory


#16. Birds seems upset

#17. Somebody save my life


#18. Can’t be mad forever

#19. Let’s hang out


#20. I’m mysterious

#21. Mood swings


#22. Personal question

#23. Technicalities

#24. Interviewing bird

#25. Emotions

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