20 Times Instagram Account Deliberately Buried Sums Up Dark Situations in Quirky Comics

We’re excited to present Sean, the artist, to you today. On Instagram, he goes by @DeliberatelyBuried as well. He is an artist who makes quirky, dark comics that will make you laugh out loud and feel a little uneasy. Over 96,900 people follow his Instagram account, and they are all excited to see what wonderfully macabre masterpiece he will come up with next. You should always check out his comics.

Deliberately Buried Comics is a unique name in the crowded environment of webcomics, where humor competes with tenderness and slice-of-life narratives reign supreme. This comic strip, created by the enigmatic Sean Berthiaume, isn’t afraid to go deep into the dark recesses of our psyche, uncovering the odd, surprising, and plainly humorous hidden twists.

Credit: Deliberately Buried Comics

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#1. You Will


#2. Christmas

#3. Mom


#4. What kind of mother

#5. Present


The artist claims that he deliberately buried comics because he was always making comics and posting them on his personal account. So he began by separating his comics from his normal silly photos. Especially to try to get other people to notice them with my friends. So he began with an anonymous account and worked his way up.

#6. Hat Shop

#7. Do it!


#8. Coach

#9. Worst Thing


#10. Saloon

By doing so, he is able to reach a huge audience on his Instagram account. He always creates short-panel comics, which usually consist of three or four panels. His main aim is to make his audience laugh by making dark humor content. That’s why he captures dark situations to make his fans laugh, and he never fails to amuse his audience through his fabulous content.

#11. Cramp Crystal Lake


#12. All Caps

#13. Let’s Do This


#14. Drink Time

#15. Chase


If we talk about this artist theme for comics, It is always dark humor. According to him, there are many artists who make comics on different topics such as mental health, relationships, etc., but there are few artists who capture dark humor, and he is one of them. We have compiled his best illustration in this article. Hopefully, you will enjoy these comics.

#16. Authorized Personnel Only

#17. Hulked Himself


#18. Post

#19. Tattoo


#20. Never Ending Story

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