20 Strange Comics by “Beetle Moses” You’ll Enjoy for Their Unexpected Twists

Depending on the context, the term “Strange Comics” could apply to several things. It might be a word for comics that are outlandish, bizarre, or experimental in terms of their plots or visual presentation. This might include works by independent or alternative comic book authors who are not restricted by prevailing conventions. It might also apply to a particular subgenre of comics that focuses on supernatural, science fiction, and horror elements. This genre frequently includes strange characters, odd occurrences, and perverse stories.

Harris is a gifted Instagram artist who has gained notoriety in the art world for her distinctive and alluring aesthetic. He has a gift for telling bizarre, thought-provoking, and occasionally unsettling tales that leave readers with enduring impressions. Harris’s work sticks out among the other artists on the platform thanks to a distinctive visual aesthetic and a preference for dark, sinister subject matter. He has a huge following of 20,000 admirers for his webcomic series “Beetle Moses,” for which he is best known.

Harris’s work stands out, though, because it uses its peculiar imagery to delve into more complex topics like anxiety, loneliness, and the darker facets of the human psyche. Their comics aren’t just vehicles for shock or horror; rather, they’re reflective, introspective works that encourage viewers to think about their own insecurities and weaknesses. Harris has carved out a special place for themselves in the Instagram art world through their strange and thought-provoking comics and has shown how the medium of art can be used to investigate the most dark regions of the human psyche. Let’s look at some of his most recent drawings.

Credit: Beetle Moses

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#1. Surprise!


#2. Where are we now?

#3. I dropped it


#4. Pillow fight

#5. Friendship


#6. Red lobster

#7. Me if i was in superhot


#8. Two seater

#9. Smak!!!


#10. This sucks!


#11. Paypal

#12. Gender reveal


#13. Dude check out these

#14. Drift aimlessly


#15. Bowling alley TVs be like

#16. War bad


#17. What the hell is this?

#18. Detective look


#19. Problem

#20. Remember me?


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