Here are 20 Dark Comics with Unexpected Endings by “The Underfold”

Instagram has grown into a platform where artists of all kinds can exhibit their work in front of a bigger audience. Brian Russell, the creator of “The Underfold,” a webcomic series, is an example of an artist who has had tremendous success on the platform. Brian Russell, a self-taught artist, began his career as a graphic designer.  But he became interested in comics and began creating his own webcomic story, “The Underfold.” The show follows a group of individuals as they go about their daily lives in a curiously familiar world filled with fantastical creatures and relatable problems.

For some people, The Underfold is probably weird, neither in a bad nor a good way, but the overall comic never fails to maintain consistent humor. He has gained a significant following on Instagram, where Brian posts his artwork and updates on the series. The comic has a unique style that blends together elements of humor, science fiction, and pop culture references.  Each comic strip is a standalone story, but they are all connected by the world and characters that Brian has created.

On Instagram, where Brian shares his artwork and series updates, he has a sizable following of 52,700. His comics have a distinctive aesthetic that combines humor, science fiction, and contemporary culture allusions. Although each comic strip is a stand-alone tale, the world and characters that Brian has created tie them all together. Reading this comic is like conversing with a group of people who share similar interests because it is thought to be firmly rooted in geek culture. Scroll down to the section below to view his most current 20 illustrations.

You can also enjoy some of his previous posts on boredcomics by clicking here.

Credit: The Underfold

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#1. Relief for some


#2. Single use

#3. Small talk


#4. Qualifications

#5. Reading books


#6. Fresh ideas

#7. Meme boy


#8. End of approved speech

#9. Life isn’t fair


#10. Teachers

#11. Bettering yourself


#12. New legislature

#13. Happy new year


#14. Happy holidays

#15. Years of service award


#16. Making plans

17. Anti oxidants


#18. Fitness routine

#19. Hump day


#20. Exorcise

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