20 Extra Fabulous Comics Based on Unexpected Situations and Twists

Extra Fabulous Comics is a popular webcomic series that has garnered followers from all over the world due to its unique style and amusing attitude. Zach Stafford, the artist’s good name, has created a large collection of comics that examine the absurdity of everyday life in a way that is both familiar and enjoyable. Expect bizarre humor combined with a fair dosage of the frightening in his comics. Surprisingly familiar themes like existential dread, love, and the human condition frequently lie beneath the quirkiness.

His artwork is deceptively simple, with bold lines and vibrant colors that bring his characters to life. His comics frequently depict routine aspects of daily life, such as interactions with friends and relatives. The artist’s unique viewpoint on these experiences, however, transforms them into something surprising, amusing, and memorable. His comics cover a wide range of topics, including political and societal issues, as well as personal experiences and relationships. In the next section, we’ve collected his top 20 comics. Scroll down to the section below to read more about them.

Credit: Extra Fabulous Comics

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#1. Strong Opinions


#2. Good Work

#3. Ready To Die


#4. Another Castle

#5. Detective


#6. Opposite Day

The artist also revealed that he loves to capture such themes in his comics. By doing so, he is able to reach an audience of 683,000 on his Instagram account, which is still growing. This artist’s comics might sound complex, but believe me, these relatable comics are brilliant in their simplicity. That’s why he gets thousands of likes on every post on Instagram.

#7. First Mate


#8. Grandpa

#9. Comedy Night


#10. Poop

#11. Pizza Delivery


#12. Drawing

He says that I certainly feel like I’m slowly finding my style, but I am happy to change it up. A consistent style is certainly beneficial for a number of reasons. However, some jokes work better in certain styles. Hopefully, you people like his comics. If you want to enjoy more, then stay active and don’t forget to comment and share this blog.

#13. Detected


#14. Blow out the candles

#15. Every Day


#16. Who’s There?

#17. Compliments to the chef


#18. Never Again

#19. Extra Fabulous


#20. Across the room

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